Your specialist in convertible bonds

With over 50 years of experience we are experts in our field and apply our know-how in this attractive investment class gladly for our customers.

To met the demand of domestic and international clients, we launched the H.A.M.-Global Convertible Bond Fund in March 2000. (UCITS IV Fund under European law, established in Liechtenstein)
From the very beginning since the inception, we never lost our focus on managing this fund, which exclusively invests in undervalued convertible bonds with the objective to deliver long term added value. Transparency, continuity, discipline, care and diligence are the benchmarks for our investment success.

In traditional wealth management services, our customers can expect the same motivation for delivering performance results, as well as full service orientation.
As a trusted partner, we help you with all questions arising from tax optimization, succession planning, creation of foundations and other financial issues important for you.

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